My opinion about the effect of game shows on an economy

I have been thinking about this for a while, and in all honesty, it appears to me that during a recession or even a depression, game shows are a beautiful way out of them. Most people look at game shows with disgust since they consider them time “wasters”. But think of it like this:

Someone goes to a game show, win a prize, lets say for simplicity sake it is $200 dollars. Now with that money that they could have worked x many hours for, they just got by wasting some time. Now there is the tax on any prize money just as thought it was regular income, but you still only had to work on getting it for that couple mins. Someone could then go out and pay back their debts, or just help the economy by buying something new and shiny. 

See the economy works like a river that runs in a circle. If it stops, it stops and wont go anymore, but if someone just pushes just a little bit, that little bit can move the rest of the river for a while. That money will just keep going, and going untill we need more, but by then someone else might when $200 dollars or even more. Wonderful right? Some game shows have loads of people win money and prizes which just help the economy a day. Can you believe that? So with that sort of thing the initial pay off for one person might be small, but when you think about the big picture is it not just wonderful?

Now as a ending note, I am not telling anyone that game shows can be the cure to our economy, but merely stating how they help boost it.

Your friendly neighborhood thinker,


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